How to Stop iPhone Screen From Turning Off During Call?

By | 23/06/2023
How to Stop iPhone Screen From Turning Off During Call?

Sometimes the screen turns off suddenly while talking on the iPhone. Due to this reason, it becomes very difficult for you to talk and get information.

To slow down such a problem in iPhone, many articles will be found online. But in this article of ours, you will be able to know how to Stop iPhone Screen From Turning Off During a Call.

Highlight Points Stop iPhone Screen From Turning Off During Call?

  • Accessing Settings
  • Display & Brightness Settings
  • Auto-Lock Settings
  • Customizing Auto-Lock
  • Accessibility Options
  • AssistiveTouch
  • Enabling AssistiveTouch
  • Customizing AssistiveTouch
  • Returning to the Call Screen

How do I stop my iPhone from turning off when I make a call?

Accessing Settings

Unlock the iPhone to get started.
Find the “Settings app” on your iPhone’s “home screen”.
Let me tell you that the App icon looks like a gear symbol.
After getting the Settings app, tap on it.

Display & Brightness Settings

Go inside the Settings menu and click on the Display & Brightness option at the bottom.
In this Display & Brightness settings, you can increase or decrease the brightness of your mobile.

Auto-Lock Settings

In the option of Display & Brightness, you will see the Auto-Lock option.
Click on that Auto-Lock option.

Customizing Auto-Lock

Through the Auto-lock option, we can set the duration of the lock on our iPhone’s screen.
You can choose the option of Never and you can set a particular minute and seconds.
But remember, if you set the duration for a long time, then it can take more of your battery power.

Accessibility Options

If even after applying the above tips, the iPhone screen turning off is happening during calls, then you can use the Accessibility option.
To get this Accessibility menu, you have to come to the home screen and click on Accessibility Settings above.


Open the Accessibility menu.
After that, you will see the AssistiveTouch option.
This option provides control over the functionality of the iPhone’s touch.

Enabling AssistiveTouch

Enable First AssistiveTouch.
Once AssistiveTouch is activated, you’ll see a small, transparent button that provides access to various functions.

Customizing AssistiveTouch

After that click on Customize Top Level Menu.
Configure AssistiveTouch buttons.
Now you can work on many actions like Lock Screen.
You can lock the screen manually during the call.

Returning to the Call Screen

Once all these settings are done, you can call or receive someone by going to the call screen.
You should now experience uninterrupted calls without the screen turning off automatically.

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