The Ultimate Guide How to Turn off Passcode Lock on iPhone?

By | 16/11/2023
How to Turn off Passcode Lock on iPhone

Sometimes it is good to have a passcode lock on the iPhone. But when we face any problem with this lock, then we feel like removing the passcode lock from the iPhone. So friends, if you want to know how to Turn off Passcode Lock on iPhone then you must read the post given below.

What is the passcode in an iPhone?

The passcode in iPhone is a numeric or alphanumeric code. This passcode is set by the user at the time of iPhone setup or later. With this passcode, other users cannot use our iPhone mobile.

What is the Passcode Lock in iPhone?

Passcode Lock is a security feature in the iPhone. With the help of this Passcode Lock, we keep our personal information safe.

How to Turn off Passcode Lock on iPhone?

Know in 7 points how you can turn off your iPhone password and easily lock yourself.

Unlock your iPhone mobile.
Before making changes to the passcode settings, you must unlock the iPhone.

Open Settings.
After coming to the home screen, select the “Settings” option.

Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode
You will get this option according to your mobile model. Select iPhone with Touch ID in your iPhone and click on Touch ID & Passcode above.

Add passcode.
In this option, a Passcode has to be added to the iPhone.

Disable Passcode.
After you have Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode settings on your iPhone. You will see this “Turn Passcode Off” option. Click on it and add the passcode once.

Have to confirm.
After adding the passcode, you will get a warning message and click on it.

Passcode Turnoff Done.
You successfully turn the passcode off and your device will not ask to add the passcode.

How do you disable Apple’s passcode lockout feature?


Important Note: It is very easy to turn off the passcode on an iPhone. But this means that your device is not secure. If you are thinking of turning off the passcode, then first you will have to secure all the information from your mobile.


In the end, we want to say that through this post you can easily do How to Turn off the Passcode Lock on your iPhone.

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