Application Hierarchy – Navigating Application Application Hierarchy - Navigating application

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Navigating application

Every Salesforce admin and Salesforce developer spends a lot of time browsing In the UI, we have different needs in the different menus available in the UI. Application Hierarchy - Navigating application

In this Salesforce tutorial, you will learn about the various key elements available in the Developer Edition. We have 7 different menus on they are

  1. Tab Menu.
  2. Search Menu.
  3. User Menu.
  4. Setup Menu.
  5. Help.
  6. Application Menu.
  7. More Tab Menu

When a user logs in to, by default we are on the Home tab. The different features and tab versions we see in SFDC depend on the layout and customization we use. Let us now analyze the various components that we see.

Tab Menu:– All standard and custom objects are listed in the tab menu. The tab appears on the menu depending on our layout and customization.

Setup: Setup is basically a setup tool to configure and customize your application. When we click on Setup, a sidebar will open.

Support:- Online support channel from Salesforce. One stop for all our sales force requirements. When we will click on “Help option” it will automatically navigate to Here we can browse any content we are looking for.

Application Menu:– In the Application menu, we see a list of standard applications and custom objects.

Quick Find or Advanced Setup Search: Quick Find or Setup Search is located in the upper-left corner of Setup. It is used to find objects quickly. As shown below to access profile in we should navigate to admin. Manage Users | Profile. This process will take some time. If we just type profile in the quick find box, the profile will be displayed on the setup menu sidebar as shown below. Application Hierarchy - Navigating application


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