What is The Difference Between AdWords and DV360? Google Adwords Vs DV360?

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Difference Between AdWords and DV360

Hello, digital marketers today we are going to talk about What is the difference between AdWords and DV360? I want you to know there’s something common about the two platforms both of these platform’s name was recently changed in the last one or two years google ads was called AdWords.

Before Display and video 360 was called DBM which is short for double click bid manager if you do not already know google ads is a platform that advertisers use to create a different kind of campaigns and show ads from google search other websites apps, youtube, and even Gmail. Let’s start to know about the Difference Between AdWords and DV360.

What Is The Difference Between AdWords and DV360?

However, display and video 360 is much more advanced option and it’s a Google product as well which gives you a lot of control in terms of how you buy inventory.

If we talk about who is this platform intended for or ideal for now google ads are much more for end-users or professionals which have small advertising budgets and anyone can go ahead and create a google ad account, and start creating the campaigns.

However, DV360 is intended for big companies and advertising agencies to have a DV360 account an advertiser or an agency needs to have a minimum budget spent in the last one year so that they can qualify to get an account, unlike Google ads you cannot just go ahead and create an account to create a dv360 account you actually need to reach out to google or any authorized reseller so that they can create an account for you, and you can start using.

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Few Points About Difference Between AdWords and DV360

Campaign Types of Google Adwords and DV360

If we talk about the campaign type in google ads, you can run the search, shopping, display, Gmail, and youtube campaigns.

However, in DV360, you cannot run search and shopping ads but you can also run video and audio campaigns. please do not confuse video campaigns with youtube.

Youtube is a separate campaign type. However, videos are in case you upload a video file, and then you can advertise it on different websites and apps which brings us to the third point which is reached in terms of google ads.

google ads vs dv360, google ads vs dv360 youtube, google ads and dv360, google adwords vs dv360, What is the difference between AdWords and DV360?.
Difference Between AdWords and DV360

Whenever you create display campaigns they only are shown on GDN or google display network. if you’re wondering what google display network is so whenever there is a website whether it’s a small or big, they always have to monetize their website for all the publishers who have signed up with Adsense.

Which is a google product in order to get monetized is called google display network, which means that Google has control to show ads whenever you create a display campaign in google ads, your ads can only appear on this list of websites that have partnered with google which is called google display network.

However, in the case of DV360, your ads can appear almost on 90 of the websites and apps because DV360 does not only buy ads on Google display networks. But on other ad exchanges and ad networks as well almost all ad networks and ad exchanges are connected to DV360 along with all these websites and apps on different ad networks.

DV360 can buy inventory on ott platforms like on-demand tv and live streaming tv channels as well which brings us to the fourth point which is placement selection.

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Placement Selection of Google Adwords and DV360

Placement selection is the control an advertiser has when creating a campaign that which websites and apps his ad should be shown. Now in the case of Google ads, advertisers do not get much of an option however they have control where they can select a list of websites or apps where they want to advertise.

Only if they want to please note these websites and apps they want to advertise on having to be part of GDN.

However, in the case of DV360, you can select any website or app in the world and there is a chance that your campaigns will show there along with this there are three different types of inventory buys that are done in DV360.

Open Auction:

Open auction it’s just like google ads but the reach is much wider addition to selecting a particular list of websites and apps you can select categories of websites.

For example, You can say okay my ad should be shown on all websites which are related to sports
or news or entertainment or a particular category of your choice. Now along with this, there are two other types of media buys you can do inDV360.

Private Marketplace:

One of them is private marketplace which means websites like bbc.com, and timesofindia on certain inventory they allow only a few advertisers to buy inventory. If you want to be among the list of advertisers. You’d have to approach these websites and you have to ask them to provide you a PMP deal. Where you can compete with just a few advertisers to buy that inventory.

Programmatic Guaranteed:

The third one is programmatic guarantee deals it’s just like a conventional deal where you reach out to a particular publisher and ask them to book a fixed number of impressions in a particular time range, and you have a deal with this publisher where they guarantee you a certain number of impressions with particular presets.

google ads vs dv360, google ads vs dv360 youtube, google ads and dv360, google adwords vs dv360, What is the difference between AdWords and DV360?.
Difference Between AdWords and DV360

Audience Targeting of Google Adwords and DV360

If we talk about the fifth difference which is audience targeting now the first thing to understand. Here audience targeting is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign in the current scenario.

We are in there are millions of devices connected to the internet so it becomes very important to understand which audiences to go after and which audiences should not be eligible to see your ads. In the case of Google ads, you have access to only the google affinity audience and google in-market audience.

For example: if I watch a lot of football videos on youtube google will flag me as affinity towards football. But if I’m looking to buy a football, I’m researching about footballs to buy, and going to e-commerce websites to buy footballs. Google will flag me as in-market footballs.

Now, these two options are available in DV360 as well but along with it, there is another option which is third-party audiences. there are a lot of companies like Oracle, that partner with different companies to collect data and user behavior, and then sell it to the advertisers. You can only leverage these audiences if you are using DV360, and not in google ads now.

Integration of Google Adwords and DV360

when it comes to integrations google ads does not really support any integrations for audience targeting and ad servers. Now in the case of DV360, you can integrate your DV360 account with different DMPs (Data Management Platforms). Now DMP is short for data management platforms.

For Example: The companies like oracle they partner with companies like booking.com, MasterCard, and Netflix to collect user behavior, how they behave online, and what all they do then they compile this data together, and provide this data for advertisers on platforms which are called DMPs.

Now if you are an Ad agency or you have access to DMP, you can integrate your DMP with DV360. This is not possible in google ads when it comes to integration with DCM.


Now DCM is an ad server by double click which is again google in some cases the big advertisers do not provide the creative assets directly to the advertising agencies or publishers. They have an ad server, where they store all their creative assets, and provide the respective tags for each of these assets to the publishers or advertising agencies. This gives them better control, In terms of tracking and reporting as well as making changes to the creative assets.

Now the seventh difference they have is google ads is google’s own creation it was developed by Google. However, google acquired double click in 2008. Doubleclick was a different company that had a stack of marketing platforms like double click bid manager. double click for advertisers and double click for publishers.


In this post, we discussed the difference between AdWords and DV360. If you have any questions, comment below, and share, like, and comment on the post. Thanks!

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