How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post – SEO Friendly Blog Post कैसे लिखें

SEO Friendly Blog Post Kaise Likhe

SEO Friendly Blog Post Kaise Likhe: We will know here that SEO Friendly Blog Kaise Likhe because almost everyone makes blogs, they do theme customization, we also make pages but we should also know the art of writing blogs.

When we learn to write an SEO-friendly and user-friendly blog post, only then traffic will come to our blog and only then people will read our blog and Google will also bring it up in the search engine, and then we will be successful in the field of blogging.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post – Blog कैसे लिखे?

Here we will learn to do keyword research for our blog post and placement of those keywords in our blog post as well as know what the title, tag, description, and feature image will be.

And at the same time, we will also know how to do inter-linking or outbound links, what kind of site to link in your post because this is also very important for a Seo friendly blog post.

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Blog लिखने का तरीका

Before writing a blog, we have to do keyword research, for example, I am going to write a blog “Blog Kaise Likhe”, so I will put this keyword in any keyword research tool and collect more keywords related to it.

Now out of all these keywords, we will keep the keyword that is more attractive to us in the title, then I will put the second keyword in the permalink and while writing the rest of the blog, I will mention it in the article.

If you do not have any keyword research tool, then you can also do keyword research in Google, for example, Blog Kaise Likhe, you will search by putting this keyword in Google and will go to the bottom, then you will see many more keywords related to it.

You can also understand by looking at this post of mine that what keywords I have put in the title, permalink or slug, and article.

Meta Tags for Blog Posts

Some of the keywords that you gathered by doing research, you will put some of the keywords in the tag section, you can put four to five keywords in the tag, you should not put more than this.

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Meta Description for Blog Posts

In the description, you can copy one to one and a half lines of the beginning of your article or you can write about your article separately, what is in your article.

Keep in mind that at least one of your main keywords must come in the description, this description appears when someone searches a topic in Google and appears in all the results that appear.

Long-Tail Keyword

If your blog is new now, then your keyword should be made long-tail keywords, that is, by putting some more keywords related to the same in the front or back of the keyword, it should belong, so that it ranks quickly in the search engine.

For example, my keyword is Seo Friendly Blog Post Kaise Likhe, so I will lengthen it by adding some more back and forth like Seo friendly blog post Kaise likhe Hindi and put this long-tail keyword in permalink or slug.

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Focus Keywords

In Focus Keywords, we should put short tail keyword only, for example, my keyword is Seo Friendly Blog Post Kaise Likhe, so I will make it a long-tail keyword and put it in the permalink and write some more attractive things in this keyword and put it in the title and without adding anything, only this I will put the line in the focus keyword.

Your main keyword is in focus keywords and those keywords should be from permalink to title tag description and article, apart from this, whatever keywords you have researched related to it should also be put in your article and tag.

If your blog is on WordPress and you use the Yoast SEO plugin or rank math SEO plugin then there is an option to enter focus keyword in it.

But if your blog is on blogger then there is no plugin there then you have to do the placement of keywords by yourself.

In Blogger too, your main keyword should be in the permalink title description and article, but while putting it in the permalink, you can make a long-tail keyword by adding something else to it.

Your main keyword in the title should be in the beginning, then later you can write some more attractive things, only your title and description are visible in the search engine, then write it in such a way so that people understand what was told in your post. has gone.

Blog Title

We have to make the title attractive because if your post ranks in the search engine and anyone searches for that keyword, then only the title and description of your post appear in the search engine.

So we have to make our title also SEO-friendly and user-friendly also SEO friendly means your main keyword should come in the title and user-friendly means that the title should look such that the user feels that his question in this post will get the answer.

For example, my main keyword is Blog Kaise Likhe, so I will add more words in front of this title like “complete information in Hindi” then this title will attract the user.

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Blog Heading

After writing the title, two or three lines have to be written about your post, then the first heading is given in h2. If your article is above 1500 words then you can make one h2 heading and one h3 heading main keyword.

You can put other keywords in the rest of the h4, h5 or h6, do not put more than one heading with the main keyword in the article with fewer words.

Paragraph in Blog Post

  • Keep changing the paragraph after every 2 to 3 lines in your article, do not write too many words in a single paragraph, it is not good for the user and is also negative according to SEO.
  • Placement of keywords according to the words in the article If your article is of 1000 words then you can put up to five keywords in it.
  • If you put too many keywords, then Google will put it in keyword staffing and even if your post is worth ranking then it will be out of the search engine.
  • Your main keyword must be in the first paragraph of the article, in the rest of the article, go on putting keywords according to a distance, it is necessary to have keywords in the last paragraph as well.
  • Write the keywords in the article in such a way that it does not look like it has been forced, rather it mixes with other words.
  • Even if you are writing a Hindi blog, it is better to write the keywords in English only, if you want, you can write Hindi by mixing English and Hinglish like “How to write a blog” or “Blog Kaise Likhe” etc.

Feature Image in Blog Post

Whether your blog is on Blogger or WordPress, you must design a featured image related to the article in it, there is a separate option for inserting a featured image in WordPress, but in Blogger, the image you put below the h2 heading becomes the same feature image.

The featured image sleeps with the title and description in the search engine, so it is also necessary to keep the size of the image to a minimum so that the loading speed of your blog remains the same.

Design your own image or edit it by clicking on it with your camera Do not use images of others and do not download and use them from anywhere.

There are some websites like Pixabay or Pexels, by visiting these websites, you can download free images and use it for commercial use.

By editing the downloaded image from here, you can make it more attractive by writing things related to your blog post on it, but try to compress the size of the file by compressing it.

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Blog Post में Interlinking

You must link your blog post with other posts of the same category, it will be beneficial that if visitors come to one of your posts, then by clicking on that link, they will also go to other posts.

And it is easy for Google’s crawler to crawl all your pages, so it is also necessary and try to link other posts of the same category in this post.

Outbound Link in Blog Post

You must give at least one Outbound Link in all your posts, it improves your SEO and a positive message goes to Google as well.

But keep in mind that only give outbound links to a high authority site, do not give spamming sites, otherwise, it will do harm instead of profit.

After publishing a blog post, definitely enter its URL to be indexed in the google search console and keep posting posts every second or third day, if you want, you can put a post on your blog every day.

Have made a rule that every second or third or fourth day you have to post a post, so the crawler of Google also comes to your site on time and crawls your pages.

And in such a situation, your pages are indexed as quickly as possible, if you are posting a post according to the rules, then it will be indexed in Google within a few minutes of posting the post.

Now we will learn about social sharing, the last part of Blog Kaise Likhe and this is also very helpful in bringing our blog post to the search engine.

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Social Sharing

  • After publishing the blog post, let it be indexed, then share it as much as possible, you can choose some platforms to share like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, share chat, etc.
  • If you have a youtube channel, then you can make videos related to your blog and you can also ask your subscriber to visit by giving a link to the blog post in the description of that video.
  • When you publish your blog post then it is indexed and visitors come to it, whether those visitors come directly from social sharing or from search engines and when they stay on your post for maximum time then Google This message is sent that your post is knowable.
  • And then Google starts bringing your pages up in the search engine, then for this it is also necessary that you write your post in such a way so that the visitor stays on your pages as much as possible and go from one page to another through interlinking.
  • Conversely, if visitors are coming to your page but are not staying for long, then a negative message goes to Google and your page goes down in the search engine.
  • Therefore, share the post only when you know that you have written quality content, you have written such a post that will benefit the visiting visitors and get their questions answered.

Speech Writing

If you write your blog on your mobile, then you will go to settings and go to language and then enable Google Voice Typing.

So it will happen that when you open the keyboard to write, there will be a mic icon on the top right side of your keyboard, whatever you say as soon as you tap on it, it will automatically write.

After writing a paragraph, check it because sometimes some mistakes are made in writing by speaking, correct them then write the next paragraph.

You can use google docs to write, I am using it for the last 2 years to write my blog. When you open it, whatever you write in it by opening a new page, and as soon as you write it will be saved automatically.

After writing the complete article, definitely check above whether it has been saved or not, then with the same email you signed in to google docs in your mobile, just like you would sign in to google docs on any device with the same email. will appear before you.

Then you can copy that article and paste it into your blog, you can access google docs on your computer as well.


We have talked about almost all the aspects of Seo Friendly Blog Post Kaise Likhe here, blogging is a very difficult task, but if you become successful in this field, you earn a lot of money as well as a name.

It is always our endeavor that every visitor who comes to this site gets complete knowledge and answers to your questions accurately so that you do not have to go anywhere else.

In this post we learned Blog Likhne Ka Tarika Whether you write your blog in Hindi or in English or in any other language, the above rules apply to all languages.

If you still have any kind of questions or suggestions related to this Seo Friendly Blog post Kaise Likhe, then definitely tell us in the comment below.

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