PDF File Kaise Banaye Mobile Se, How to Make Free PDF in Mobile

PDF File Kaise Banaye Mobile Se

PDF file Kaise Banaye Mobile Se: Do you want to know that PDF File Kaise Banaye in mobile se or computer, then its information is going to be found here step by step in Hindi? We use PDF file almost every day from morning till evening in our work, but many people do not know how to create PDF file.

While it is very easy and in no time we can convert any image or document into PDF file through our mobile or computer.

What is PDF File (PDF File Kiya Hai)?

Any file in which a .pdf extension is found is called a PDF file. The PDF File Full Form is portable document format.

To preserve any document file, we convert it to a PDF file and then send this PDF file anywhere through email, WhatsApp, or other means.

You can convert the image to PDF or if you have any kind of document file or tax then you can easily convert it to PDF.

Here we will learn how to create PDF files both online and offline on the computer and also on mobile, so first of all let’s know about how to create pdf files online.

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Online PDF File Kaise Banaye (कंप्यूटर में)

To create a PDF file on your computer or laptop, first of all, you visit this site ilovepdf will now look like the picture shown below on your computer screen. (see picture below)

pdf file kaise banaye mobile se

Now you will be able to do here in many types of formats like convert word file to pdf, convert excel to pdf, convert image to pdf, convert text to pdf etc.

On the other hand, you can also do the opposite, like if you have a PDF file, then you can also convert it to Word, Excel, Image.

For example, here we will convert a word file to pdf, for you have to click on Word to PDF, and then click on select Word file.

After clicking on the select Word file, you will click on Open wherever you have placed the Word file in your computer, then your file will be uploaded to this website.

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Now you will click on convert to pdf and in a few seconds your word file will be converted to pdf, and then a small popup will appear where you will be asked to save that pdf, you will choose the location and click on save If you do, then your PDF file will be saved at that location.

So by doing this you will be able to convert your word file to PDF in a few seconds, as well as merge your document and save it by converting it to PDF by split and compress.

You will be able to convert any type of your document to PDF on this site and convert PDF to document or image in just a few seconds.

Here is the process to convert any file to pdf online and now we will see how to convert any type of file to PDF offline i.e. without internet in your computer.

Offline PDF File Kaise Banaye (कंप्यूटर में)

To create an Offline PDF File, you have to install the software in your system, the name of that software is pdf24, you have to download it by pasting the given URL https://en.pdf24.org/ in your browser and search.

On searching, you will come to the download page of PDF24, now download and install it by clicking on download here.

When you open it after installing, you will get an option in the top left side PDF creator, you have to click on it.

Now you will choose the file that you have kept on your computer to make a PDF file and choose the file, this software will automatically convert that file to PDF, now you just have to click on save to save your PDF file. Have to save.

Now PDF opening software should be installed in your system, which is in almost all computers, it is Adobe’s software, if it is not, then you install it, then only you will be able to open and read any type of PDF.

So you can convert any kind of document to PDF offline on your computer through this software i.e. even when you do not have an internet facility, you will be able to create PDF files on office software.>

PDF File Kaise Banaye Mobile Se

  • To create PDF in mobile, you will go to the Play Store of your mobile phone and install an application called Foxit PDF Creator. you can create your PDF file through this Android application and also edit your PDF file in many ways.
  • To create a PDF file, after installing this application, open it and then upload any kind of document kept in your mobile and convert it to PDF.
  • After converting to PDF, you can also edit this PDF and then you will save it in your mobile. Apart from this, there are many other applications that you can install from the Play Store to create PDF files.
  • Apart from this application, you can also use PDF Maker or PDF Creator to convert your document to a PDF files.
  • Nowadays most of the people want to deal with all the work on their smartphone itself, so you do not need to have a computer to create a PDF file. The easy process is you can create or edit PDF file through your mobile and save it in your local folder.
  • While downloading these applications, you need the internet, after downloading you can create an offline PDF here.
  • You should keep checking the new updates of these applications on the play store in between because new updates get new features.

How to Make PDF File (PDF File Kaise Banaye)?

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