Top 10 Ad Operations Interview Questions and Answers

Ad Operations Interview Questions and Answers

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Ad Operations Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me something about your Real-time work experience?
Ans: Give an answer about what you have done in your previous company.
2. What are your daily work activities?
Ans: Give an answer about daily work roles and responsibilities.
3. Which tool or platform that you use in your previous organization?
Ans: Tell tool or platform name.
4. Have you experienced in adserver?
Ans: If you have hands-on experience then tell.
5. What is Ad discrepancy?
Ans: Ad discrepancy refers to the mismatch in the number of ad impressions between the publisher’s ad server and the third party adserver. campaign variances of up to 20% are common.
6. What are the causes of ad discrepancy?
Ad blockers
Impression counting differences
Time zone difference
Heavy creatives
Bot traffic
Human errors
7. What is DSA (Dynamic Search Ads)?
Ans: Dynamic Search Ads complement your existing keyword-based campaigns to deliver more clicks and conversions with less effort.
8. What is Troubleshooting in Campaign?
Ans: It might be ads breaking your web page, ads slowing down your web pages, forced ad redirects, viewability drop, etc. An ad operations team keeps checking the KPIs and troubleshoots/fixes if any issues are identified.
9. What is Viewability & how to calculate it?
Ans: Ad viewability is how visible ads on a website or mobile app are to users. At least 50% of the banner or creative must display on screen for more than one second, it will count as a viewable impression.
Viewability = (Viewable Impressions + Non-Viewable Impressions) / Total Served Impressions
10. What is Campaign Optimization?
Ans: It means Ad operation executives keep a track of ad viewability, served impressions, bidder partner performance, and the overall user experience to optimize for revenue.

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